I would like to build a low consumption PC that will be on 24/7. It will not be used for intensive calculations of course.

I've already tried some prefabricated solutions like this one but I found it to be not so elastic (e.g. i've had driver issues under Linux).

So i was thinking about building it by myself starting from spare components. I was thinking about a MoBo, a CPU (with integrated graphics), a PSU and RAM. Is it possibile to build something that will have and avarage consume of 30Watt ? Can someone suggest me some of those piecies?

I've found plenty of build for any kind of purpose (mostly gaming) but really a few for low consumption. And I would like to stay on a x64 architecture (so please don't suggest Raspberry, I've already walked that path ).

  • Average 30W would be very low (OC raspberry pi level), but maybe with an undervolted AMD Athlon 3000G, it would be possible
    – Irsu85
    May 12, 2022 at 10:46

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If you want something that is low power consumption and will run 24/7 doing intensive calculations, then you might want to look at an industrial plug computer or embedded controller. It's not a x64 bit install, but I believe something like this can run a fill linux install.

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