Most of budget computer displays on the market have ventilation holes on the back. Its hard to find a budget display (Under $200) with minimalistic design, ie with no air holes like smartphones are. I thoght may be there are some brands that has a tendency or tradition to produce such monitors? If not then may be you could recommend some budget models?

  • What do you understand as "Budget"? Under €100? Under €200? Please add a budget
    – Irsu85
    Apr 28 at 12:44
  • Within 200 bucks
    – Ya Y
    Apr 28 at 14:14

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Monitors, like all electronics, produce heat. The cheapest way to get rid of this heat is to provide a path for the hot air to rise and cool air to flow in and across the device.

The only monitors I have seen without ventilation are portable ones like this. It is currently $170 when you apply the coupon. If you search "portable monitor" you will find plenty more like this.

I would highly recommend using separate speakers. You are not likely to get anything worth listening to out of a "budget" monitor. External speakers are both higher quality, and cheaper.

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