I have these digital connectors for connecting external monitors:

  1. HDMI (version: 2.0)
  2. USB-C (version: Thunderbolt 3)

While the HDMI I would better like to leave untouched for connecting my TV.

Thus, leaving me only the Thunderbolt port, if there is such a cable?

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I have found in our local shop available this cable:

Axagon RVC-DPC USB-C > DP CABLE 1.8M (link to manufacturer)

Before buying, please look at your USB-C type below to make sure it is capable for DisplayPort output:

USB-C types and its ability for DisplayPort

Red means no DisplayPort output, and green DisplayPort capable.

Basic specs on the following picture, look at the link above however for details:

Axagon USBC -> DisplayPort cable

Since I have Thunderbolt 3 according to the table, it works like a charm.

Hope it helps someone looking for the same solution.

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