I'm moving into a new home and I'd like to buy a TV and a sound system for the living room. I'd like to use my sound system to:

  1. Listen to music (say, playing from my phone via bluetooth)
  2. Use with the TV.

I know very little about sound systems, but I understand that a hi-fi system (stereo amp + hi-fi speakers) is different from a home theater system (AVR + a bunch of different speakers). I don't much care about the "surround" experience though, especially since the living room is small. I'd just like a decent sound system to play music and I figure I could use it for the TV too, sparing me the expense of a sound bar.

I'm considering the following setup: AVR + bookshelf (or tower) speakers. Let's say my budget is $1000 max, what about:

  1. Yamaha TSR-700 AVR
  2. Triangle Borea BR03 bookshelf speakers (or Sony SSCS3 tower speakers)

Does a setup like this make sense to you? I guess one question is, will this AVR do a good job with my stereo speakers. Any other tips/advice to consider? In case it matters, the TV will probably be an LG C1. Many thanks!

[Small additional question: I've noticed that a couple of high-end amps/AVRs such as the NAD T778 or the Cambridge Evo include a nice display screen. That's pretty cool. Why don't more amps/avrs include this instead of their ugly 80s-like screen?]


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I will suggest you to go for Cerwin-Vega XLS-28 tower speakers, as they sounds good with TV and require less space. You can also read buying guide in detail at thebestronics

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