I'm currently specing out my home network, and while going 'full' 10GBe capable is tempting, my options for upgrades are limited. I'm looking at a Unifi Switch Flex XG . 2.5GBe is broadly supported and is a coming thing. While switch options for gigabit are plentiful (and I already have a low cost managed gigabit switch)

So here's what I'm looking at


  • Low cost. 300USD will get me a 10GBe Switch. I'm half certain I can get a modern unmanaged 1Gbe switch for maybe 20USD. I'm looking to pay ~100USD per 4 ports. At some point a second flex XG would make sense, but I'd rather not be plonking down another 300 USD for a switch that ends up being connected to a 2.5GBps media center box and a tele.

  • Compact - Most of the switches in my wishlist or currently in use don't have a ton of 'wasted' space. I don't want a switch that has 5 ports, and 5 ports space worth of panel and blinkenlighten. Being able to fit in the same footprint or slightly bigger than the Flex XG would be nice.

  • 2.5Gbe (minimal requirement) or better support

Nice to have

  • 'Wall' mountability. I have a TPlink TL-SG105 which I've mounted to the side of a desk with screws. The switch has little screw holes

enter image description here

  • Management capability, I can do unmanaged but it would be a nice to have considering some other plans I have.

Where I live, the Netgear GS110MX meets all your need to haves, it's under $300 (€190), 8port and 10Gbs. However, it is not managed and probably not wall mountable (My sources do not show a picture of the bottom, but it has feet). It is also bigger than your current switch, but it is not much bigger than it needs to be (it's 8 ports in a row and a few leds on the front)

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