I have a dock station with USB C. I want to connect it, only for the video, to my old pc that has a HDMI. So, my pc is HDMI and it is the input for the USB C that is the output (and that is then connected to a monitor). Can I do it? Does this kind of hardware exists?

My pc also has a VGA port. enter image description here

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but your monitor does not have HDMI and only USB-C?

If that's the case, there are no direct adapters as far as I know, only in the other direction. You can however, get HDMI to DisplayPort, which is the protocol the USB-C uses on your monitor. If you also have a DisplayPort, this is what you need, when you do not, try searching for a two way DP to USB-C cable/adapter (those should exist, but I don't know where)

Edit, Do not use the dock, it will not work

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