With Intel's 10th and 11th processor generations, it appears that fan-stop has become a needy feature for those who works at night. While Gigabytes advertise their fan-stop feature on mid-range and even low-end motherboards (take B460, B560s for example), I can not find any specification about the feature on ASUS counter part, they just say Fan Xpert, which is confusing to those who haven't used ASUS motherboards beforehand.

URLs for comparision ASUS | Gigabyte

So my question is may soneone use those mainboards let me know Does ASUS B and H motherboards for Intel 10-11th CPU have fan-stop feature?


Fan Xpert is a fan control software, and fan stop is a feature that makes the fans stop when at idle. You can get the same effect as fan stop by using fan Xpert.

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