Someone here have worked with sata m.2 PCI express cards like Delock Products 90435 ? If so, what will the performance be if using a card with 5 x sata m.2 vs 1 sata m.2 in the m.2 slot on the motherboard? And will the motherboard (out of the box) work with such a card as the main "drive/volume/partition" ?

  • The SATA controller on that card is the JMicron JMB585, you can look up benchmarks for this device to see how it performs with 1 or many drives connected. Aside from the SATA chipset and the SATA drives themselves there's nothing else on that adapter that would significantly affect performance. You could consider this to be the same as having a JMicron JMB585 installed right on the motherboard with 5 SATA ports wired into it.
    – Romen
    Nov 30 '21 at 18:17

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