I am looking for a laptop to replace my W530 thinkpad (from 2012). Here is what I like in the W530:

  • matte IPS screen
  • good (backlighted) keyboard with key travel of 2.5mm
  • keyboard with no numpad (I don't like laptop keyboard with numpads because this makes the keyboard offcentric which feels not ergonomical for me)
  • good pointing stick with three mechanical mouse keys (I use only the pointing stick and no touchpad)
  • no sharp edge at the front of the palm rest
  • LAN port without adapter
  • works well with linux

The screen size should be 15 or 16 inch.

Since I feel that the ergonomical requirements above are very restrictive I don't want to impose any internal hardware requirements except that it should be a notable performance upgrade to the W530 and should an M2 SSD option.

Since I like to buy refurbished devices, you could mention models introduced from 2016 and later.

What I don't need is:

  • a DVD/CD drive
  • a CAD aimed graphics adapter (like in my case a quadro)

The thickness and weight of the W530 is ok for me, no need for an ultra slim design, but I wouldn't complain if the new model would be a bit lighter.

Regarding the screen: The screen of the W530 is not bright enough for outdoor use, so max. brightness of the new model could be a bit better. But it is also important do dim it to a very low brightness to work in a dark room. If possible the dimming shouln't use PWM.

  • Have you had a look at the new X1 models? I also have a w530 but sine I bought a X1 I mainly use the w530 as a desktop replacement (docking with 2x4K screens).
    – ava
    Oct 11 at 21:57
  • Yes I looked at the X1 models. But they reduced the key travel from 2,5 to 1,8 mm and then to 1,5 mm on the newest models (as far as I know). But why don't you use the X1 with a dock instead of the W530?
    – student
    Oct 12 at 11:06
  • Yeah the newer X1 might have lower key travel. I have a 4th gen. X1 and the revamped W530 (32 Gb RAM and SSD caddy) is more suitable as a desktop replacement.
    – ava
    Oct 12 at 22:03

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