I want to be able to easily switch between my desktop pc (Nvidia 1060) and my work laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad L14 20U50001GE) at my dual monitor setup. For testing purposes I tried to connect a dell usb-c-dock to my desktop pc (which has USB 3.1 type c on the mainboard). Both my displays are working but I've noticed some lags and was curious if my desktop had switched to integrated graphics. GPU-Z still shows my 1060 as the graphics card but win10 now shows me that my monitors are connected via "DisplayLink USB Device". I did some testing and got about 15-20% difference in FPS between direct connection to GPU (let me know if the logs would help) and connection with the dock. I have no idea how to interpret the results. Could I fix the issues with another dock or is a kvm switch the only help? A kvm switch on the other hand would not really work because I only got one hdmi output on the thinkpad.. I consider myself quite techsavy but I just can't figure it out.

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