I am looking for an embedded microcontroller (something similar to the raspberry pi pico) or computer (something similar to raspberry pi zero) for audio DSP. The board should have line-in and line-out jacks for analog audio. It should have at least 8 MB RAM and 4 MB of permanent storage for code. I will have a 16-bit stereo wav audio at 48000 Hz or 24000 Hz, generated by a computer sound card for example, which will be fed into the line-in input of this embedded system kit, I will perform my DSP operations on it, and I should be able to render the stereo result on the line-out jack. The cost is preferred around $20 or lower but should not be higher than $50. The board should be programmable using C++. An ARM based board is preferred, but other processor architecture is also not a problem, if it can be programmed using C++. It should be able to run off a 3.3 V battery or if not, at most a standard 5V USB output. Current consumption is not a problem, although something that consumes lesser current is more preferrable.

Some of the options that I am considering are raspberry pi zero using a USB sound card, something from this list, NanoPi NEO2 but I am looking for more suggestions and alternatives.

A discussion on the NanoPi NEO2, here, suggests that audio in this board does not work properly. So ideally, the board that I will be using should have at least a sample program that shows how to do a line-in to line-out audio passthrough using C++.

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