I need to upgrade to a dedicated graphics card for an HP 1850 motherboard and also upgrade the RAM. The power supply is 240W; it has no additional cards.

Spare Number: 613762-001

PCI slots

I looked for information but I have doubts if the graphics card and RAM I have quoted will work in the computer.

Video card

NVIDIA T600, top view.

I am interested in the NVIDIA T600 card, in the equipment specifications and in the maintenance and service guide I find that the compatible video cards are similar (PCIe 3.0 x16, 128 bits); according to the information I found the maximum power is 40W and the suggested power supply is 200W.

RAM memory

Kingston KVR16N11/8

I would like to install 2 Kingston KVR16N11/8 modules (DDR3 - 8GB - 1600MHz).

Given all of the above, are they compatible? I am on a tight budget.

Thanks in advance.

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Gpu: Yes, but if it's too high, you cannot get the panel back on. This should not be an issue in terms of functionality though

RAM: Should be

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