Anything faster cannot output data faster than gigabit ethernet, so not needed.

If you don't have anything that can do 100MB/s then what is the next best thing ? A 16gb usb stick that can do 80MB/s is still plenty good for home assistant or nextcloud.

In this case reading is more important than write

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If you can afford it, a sandisk extreme pro is really fast, but if you can't afford that, the intenso Speed Line 256GB also is fast enough, and more than half the price/GB


You can buy a cheap SATA SSD like the Samsung 860 Evo and a SATA to USB cable. This is faster and higher capacity than most USB sticks like the other answer suggests.


SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1; Read speeds up to 130MB/s

amazon $8 for 32gb amazon $15 for 128gb

Other thing that comes to mind is sandisk extreme pro class 10 SDXC 16gb card, advertised around 90 MB/sec read. Not sure about being usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 though. Similar pricing.

double check with manufacturer and other credible sources on the advertised speeds.


^^ $30 sandisk 128gb SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN transfer speeds up to 170MB/s [requires a compatible device capable of reaching such speeds, such as the SanDisk SD UHS I card reader (sold separately)]

  • That sandisk extreme pro card also requires an sd card reader
    – Irsu85
    Feb 25, 2022 at 8:24
  • Thanks, do you have a link for that 8$ ultra fit usb 3.1 ? That would be perfect with a 40$ raspberry pi. A full size SD card is not really usable in a RPi, USB is really best for a boot drive as it works for everything.
    – Shodan
    Feb 25, 2022 at 21:38
  • I did find a "SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 16GB" that claims "up to 130MB/s" for 8.99$, but that price in on special and the ultra fit 3.1 sounds like a better option
    – Shodan
    Feb 25, 2022 at 21:40

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