my friend have a laptop (Lenovo legion y520), we were playing a game of FIFA when we got a suddent blue screen of death.

Restarting it would only show a black screen with no mouse interaction, we wanted to clean install windows on it.

We used an official iso with rufus to have a bootable USB, but we can't get past the wifi and licence configuration, everytime we complete the data it restarts to the same point.

We tried multiple versions of Ubuntu this time, just so we can save some important files, but everytime we get kernal panic not syncing error.

I tried the Ubuntu bootable usb on my laptop and it works like a charm. I'm suspecting that his ram memory is dead but i really have no idea what can cause this.

  • From the Ubuntu Live session, could you see the hard drive and files on it?
    – user3169
    Sep 13 at 3:59
  • This isn't really a 'hardware recommendation', it's a tech support question, better suited to askubuntu.com or superuser.com
    – Tetsujin
    Sep 13 at 18:31

Your suspicions may be well founded, especially as you have tested your bootable device on another machine. You could boot to a Live version of Ubuntu and run a memory test to determine that it's your system memory generating the problem.

Depending on your results and/or your patience, you might also be able to use trial and error, removing one memory module at a time, as it's not likely more than one has failed, unless there's only one module in your machine.

  • I'd run memtest86 from the grub menu before removing memory modules. There's no point if it's not needed.
    – user3169
    Sep 13 at 4:00
  • that's how I see it too.
    – fred_dot_u
    Sep 13 at 14:17

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