Ive seen this similar question but the priorities aren't the same and the accepted item and other/s wouldnt work for me here.

I cosplay and I need to be able to hear some things through a padded helmet or across a room in a noisy event indoors. I figure that discreet earbuds will be perfect, and can be connected to any phone or any group audio chat.

My criteria:

  • In-ear only, not round ear, no cords, no over the head. Mic isnt needed.
  • Low profile and flat is really worthwhile, the more discreet, the better as its easier to fit cosplay helmets/masks/hoods over it.
  • Waterproof/sweatproof matters, I might not go swimming but I'll sweat tons and there'll be a lot of evaporated sweat in a hot room in a helmet or hood.
  • Secure; able to get a tight fit in most ears and wont shake loose at all easily. I wont notice always if one does, and its quite dynamic though not as much as say, sports. I know that's very individual, but Im guessing some are known to be much better than others. I want to be able to shake head, move a lot, and not worry.
  • Pretty good voice-use quality and background noise reduction. It wont be used primarily for music, but to hear dialog from someone else (probably in a quieter corner of the room). But needs to be at least reasonably clear, reasonably decent quality. And ideally, able to muffle out sounds that * arent * from the bluetooth speaker, ie good fit to the ear again for background muting. I dont need to hear anything except whats on bluetooth, and if nothing is, then heavily muffled or even near-silent is fine.
  • Decent battery life. Say 4-6 hours intermittent ideally, if thats possible? if not, whatever is.
  • Money isn't such an issue, though ideally midrange not premium. If it can be kept under the £30 - 60 mark, good, if not then whatever it costs I guess. I honestly have no idea what such an item should cost and if many will work for me or only a few. So whatever it is, it is. Maybe a couple of options at different price points?

If relevant I'm in the UK, so something available here is better (no import costs/delays!)

Ideas welcomed!! Thanks!

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