I have a JVC - LT-40CA790 Android TV 40" Smart Full HD LED TV with Google Assistant. Which has a broken screen but everything else seems to work I think like the audio, not sure bout the rest.

I took it apart and managed to safely remove all the parts and I was wondering if it was possible to make like a Smart box and connect it to another TV.

I noticed it had a ribbon cable which I assume connects the video feed. Is there any component out there that can convert the ribbon feed to something else like HDMI?

Or do you guys have another project idea I could do with these parts? I could sell them for parts, but I think it’d be more fun to repurpose it and try to learn a thing or two. I’ve got basic arduino knowledge but nothing major electrical.

Thanks guys, appreciate any and all help.

Here’s an overview of all the parts. overview of the TV

Overview 2 another overview

Here’s the power supply board I think? The power cable was connected to this power supply board

I think this is the motherboard or main logic area? motherboard?

This is the ribbon cable I want to try to find an output hdmi connector for to connect to another TV. ribbon cable

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Those cables are mostly non-standard and hard to replace, let alone transform to hdmi. I would reccomend getting a different "smart tv" or see if this is covered under your tv warrenty.

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