I have a mini PCI-E slot inside my Dell tablet, and I'd like GPS. WWAN 4G LTE would be icing on the cake. However, I need GPS via the satelites, not via the cell network. My main use case is for mapping and navigation.

It looks like Sierra Wireless makes most of these sorts of things, but I'm almost completely unfamiliar with the product category, and their model numbers do not appear to increment where higher is better.

Must have

  • Use GPS system, not cell system for GPS info
  • Work with prepaid carriers like Mint and others (Do they need a physical SIM?)
  • Cheap enough, since I would like to buy multiple. $10-20 is perfect, $50 is kind of high.
  • Windows 10 support

Nice to have

  • Linux support
  • Android support
  • 4G LTE

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