I will need to upgrade my ASUS 27" 1080p Designo display sometime in the next year or so and am wondering what is the sweet spot between the one I have and the watering-eye-priced ones used by the highest level professionals.
I am a freelance graphic designer but I do not yet earn nowhere near as much to afford a super-pro display.
Here's a list of what I need, hoping someone will be able to make up the puzzle & maybe explain to me what I should look for:

  • It needs to be sharp for my music engraving & work with InDesign/Illustrator so either 4K or 1440p. If a single display setup I would go for the 27-32" range, if double display setup I would go for 2x24".
  • Color accuracy needs to be good: I work on a 2016 MacBook Pro which supports the full P3 gamut so I would look for a similarly specced display. If this is not possible or out of budget, it needs as much coverage of sRGB and Adobe RGB as possible, plus it needs to show what CMYK would look on paper as faithfully as possible.
  • It needs to support VESA mounting, this is mandatory. You may also want to suggest a couple of good, sturdy, reliable monitor arms with single and/or double monitor support.
  • USB-C connection with multi-port Hub is a plus but not vital (if USB-C can already be achieved I would be happy enough)
  • Brightness needs to be high. My 2016 MBP has 500nit peak brightness: it would be nice if this could be matched. 350nit seems a bit low, but I do not know enough to say.
  • It's better if it doesn't have any speaker built-in as I would not use them anyway.
  • HDR support is appreciated as I may need to work on video-editing projects taken from HDR-capable cameras.

Thank you for your insight and advices.

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