I have this SCSI controller LSI20320IE enter image description hereSCSI-Controller and would like to know what SCSI cable is the right one. I want to connect a LTO2 with 68 pol female. Is that a 68 pol MINI SUB D SCSI socket ( I have read: "For Wide SCSI-2, the most common connector was the larger sibling of the MD50, known as the MD68, HD68, MiniD68, or HPDB68. This is about 1 7/8” (47mm) wide. IBM used the HDCN68 on some RS-6000 systems, and it seems likely that a few other manufacturers used other alternatives". Source: WIKI ) on the controller? Where to get a proper calbe for it? THANKS


According to this Product INFO PAGE LSI20320IE the external connector is a VHDCI SCSI connector. And the cable could be get here: Gekko-computer

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