I have bought my grandparents a cheap Android TV (distributed under the name Dyon Smart 42 AD in Germany).

While they like the device in general, the audio is less than great. They also have two different devices they'd like me to connect:

  • My grandmother prefers using wireless headphones when my grandfather is reading in the same room. I have multiple devices available for that, with Cinch, AUX, or Bluetooth.
  • Vice versa, my grandfather has a wireless connector to his hearing aid when only he wants to watch something - while I'm assuming it's using Bluetooth, the proprietary connector dongle should be attached via Cinch, AUX, or TOSLINK to the TV. Switching this device is out of the question, and reverse-engineering it into a custom built dongle myself seems not worth the effort.
  • When neither is doing anything else they want to use speakers instead. As they're not loving the existing sound, something like a Soundbar or other external speaker set would be acceptable if it helps with the other tasks, but is not really necessary.

The TV itself has Cinch only available as AV-IN to my despair (previous TV was setup with Cinch to both headsets). There's also an AUX Audio-Out, but plugging into it will mute the TV speakers (I haven't found a software setting to disable this). Finally, it does have a free HDMI+ARC port, surprising for its price range. Lower ports of the TV, including AV-IN with Cinch and HDMI-ARC Side ports of the TV, including AUX-OUT

This being an Android TV and the remote being connected on Bluetooth I was hoping to be able to connect audio devices the same way, but this seems to be prevented on the software side.

  • Plugging everything into the AUX-OUT, including external speakers, with a simple AUX button switch to disable speakers when using the headsets seems antiquated. It also still requires an additional dongle to connect to Bluetooth headphones, which also need to be turned on first, requiring two clicks. I also do not have the best experiences with such AUX switches staying silent on the turned-off side.
  • The simplest solution is to have a AUX-Y-cable to connect both headset bases to the TV without any switch in-between, but this requires manually plugging the cable in every time, which I consider the worst case.
  • Switching to a streaming dongle with Bluetooth audio connectivity built-in is not an option.

Is there a way fulfilling those requirements using the HDMI-ARC while also keeping it to 1 or at most 2 clicks to switch between speaker and headset mode?

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