I have a sound system with a computer and an amplifier and I'd like to add an external AUX input to it. The computer's sound card and the amplifier are using RCA as output and input. I'd like the external AUX input to connect via a small switch (PCB) board, between the computer and the amplifier. I also wish the switch will use 3.5mm connectors for inputs and outputs, so I will be able to save space.

I'm worried that I'll get pop up sounds when I'll change the switch. I couldn't find a 3.5mm switch that seems to have some kind of protection to this. For example, this 3.5mm, 2in-1out doesn't have any resistors or capacitors, in contrast to this RCA 3in-1out switch, and I wonder how much that would affect me.


Simple AUX switch 2in-1out

RCA switch 3in-1out

Ideally it would be great to find a 3.5mm switch PCB board that has such protections but I can't find any, and I'm not sure I have room for an RCA switch as I linked above.

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