As the title says, I am looking for a small, lightweight board with camera and small (coin cell?) battery power. I am looking to use image recognition & then output speech to the user.

I normally use ESP32, but am open to anything at all.

BLE might be nice, although that would bring down the battery life, so is not "must have".

On-board debugging would be great. At the very least, some way to send debug trace info to my PC, no matter whether serial port, BLE or WiFi.

The dev board must have either a speaker (preferably) or BLE or WiFi (so that I can send text to a device which will then convert it to speech). A microphone would be a bonus, but is also not "must have" (and I do seem to be piling up components for something small & lightweight ;-)

Cheap would be nice, preferably under $50, certainly under $100.

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