I don't have a TV because I think they are ugly and require too much space. I like the idea of packing away the screen so it's not always there, in plain sight. However I still like to watch films, so I often just watch films on my laptop. I have an old projector, which I bought to watch films with. However I found the fan too loud, and I found it annoying to set up, Requiring many cables to power the projector, my laptop and the HiFi system. It takes a long time to turn on and then to turn off which was also annoying.

Recently I have come across two devices, that have the potential to solve some of these problems and are not too expensive.

  1. The ZTE SPro2 is primarily a projector but has a battery and android built in. It has 200 lumens and a high res screen, but when on battery it will only run at 100 lumens. It is difficult to source in the UK and I would have to buy it on ebay as an import. If it does not work as I expect, it will be hassle to return.
  2. The Yoga tab 3 Pro this is primarily a tablet but has a built in projector. The projector is only 50 lumens and 480p resolution projector, but the battery life is much better. I could probably watch 2 films on one charge. The main advantage is, that it's an ok tablet as well, which I might end up using a fair bit, although it's not something I really need or want (I wouldn't just buy an ipad for example). I can source this easily through amazon uk.

So to sum up I am looking for a device for occasional film watching that is nice and clean and which can be packed away when not in use.

My living room is quite bright, so I think for both devices it would work better in the winter. Has anyone had any experience comparing the brightness of the devices in real life? What do people think?

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The yoga tab 3's 480p screen would be a pain to watch on. A 480p screen at 10" size is already terrible (80 ppi). The 480p screen would be ok for stuff like video conferencing or a presentation but would be very terrible for movies. The ZTE SPro 2 has a much better quality projector (720p). This will have the same pixel density as the yoga tab 3 when at 20" (78 ppi). These projectors are pretty dim so you will need a darker environment.

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