I'm looking into extending the life of a HP p3005dn printer, so that I can finish the toner cartridge.

Over time glitches occurred more frequently (loss of network connection, switching off and back on again would reestablish the network connection) One day the electronics stopped working altogether, by the looks of it. (After toggling the main switch the fan starts turning, but nothing in the display, and no response to requesting the 192.168.0.xxx interface of the printer.)

It's just: the toner cartridge was fairly recently replaced, I'm sure less than half the toner was used.

I found this information:
"The P3005 series printers are notorious for formatter failures."

De next step: check out AliExpress:

This supplier allows the buyer to select a specific version among these options: P3005 P3005X P3005N P3005DN


(The other suppliers offer their product as generic p3005 board, by the looks of it)

N => supports network connectivity
D => supports double-sided printing

My question:
Is it worth the shot?
(The thing is: I do need the double-sided printing. If the replacement board doesn't support double sided printing then it is of no use to me.)

It's not a necessity, I've bought a replacement printer (and I've already used it, HP M402). But I hate to bring a still half full toner cartridge to the recycling service. Mechanically that p3005dn was still good, the prints came out perfect.

I have found additional information:

"There is a service mode settting that need to be completed."


From a thread about a different printer model:

First, all new formatters come blank, meaning they have no personality on them, they get that assignment from the DC controller when you install the formatter. The same is true for the DC controller, it gets the assignment from the formatter when you replace it, that is the reason you cannot under any circumstances replace the formatter and DC controller at the same time. The ID information had to come from somewhere and the most likely issue is someone repackaged a formatter or a DC controller and tried to pass it off as new. I have had this issue, even when purchasing "new" parts directly from HP.


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