So I have been looking at some asus portable monitors and I have decided that I want to buy one. I am just not sure which one I need. I am intending to use it with my laptop and desktop (both have usb c) and my mid 2011 imac. Of course the imac doesn't have usbc, but it has mini display port and usb 2.0. Is there any way I could use one of the asus zenscreen models with this imac?

I am open to buying adapters or third party cables if necessary. If you are not familiar with the asus zenscreens, some models have a battery, some have usbc, some have micro hdmi, etc.

My initial thought was to buy one with a battery and use a third party micro hdmi to mini display port cable. Will that work? Or do yuou have any other suggestions?

  • You may want to edit your question to include a budget to get more relevant answers. Jul 26 at 22:17

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