Can anybody recommend a good auxiliary monitor (single display space mode) for a 2017 21" iMac, that isn't either enormous or extremely expensive (or both)?

I've been using an old ViewSonic VA912b since I got the thing, but the resolution is so much lower (0.294mm dot pitch) than that of the iMac itself (0.120mm dot pitch) that it's (to put it mildly) less-than-ideal, and given that we've already had one or two old 912s blow their inverters, I'd rather like to have something better sooner, rather than later.

I wouldn't mind one that works in portrait orientation, although that's a relatively minor consideration.

  • What you are asking is really hard, iMacs already have good screens
    – Irsu85
    Jul 7 at 7:51
  • Yes. So good that most of what is available for use as an auxiliary screen is not going to match the resolution. That's the point. Jul 7 at 23:59

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