I'am developing a hobby operating system. Generally, I use qemu and serial console for video output as text like -serial file:/tmp/qemu-video.log. While debugging I don't need scrolling on monitor (I write everything to serial port and monitor). However while working on physical hardware, modern mainboards don't have serial port. So my method cannot work.

Hence, I try to find a solution for connection test computer's vga output to development computer's usb port with an adapter, then probably I can use screen command to gather output. I googled for vga to usb, however the results are about usb to vga.

Do anyone know such kind of adapter? Adapter can be a vga to serial (rs232).


There are VGA capture devices, such as these from StarTech and Gracetop, that might meet your need. Prices seem to range from ~US$60 and up.


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