A Mac Mini user, I have been using a Bose Soundlink Mini II for some years.

I loved the shape/size and sound quality, but hated the "auto shut-off" bug when I play low volume ("it's a feature, not a bug"). I always use it plugged into power, and prefer using 3.5mm jack cable.

Over the past few days, the battery indicator became orange, then red. The battery has now totally died and even though I do not need the battery, is unfortunately preventing me from using the device at all 🤪🤬 (see footnote) .

At this point, I am not sure I'd like to purchase a new identical one. It's an expensive speaker, I will never use the battery, and the auto-shut-off "feature" is a bit annoying.

However, its shape and size is perfect, because it can stand between the Mac Mini and the bottom of the screen I use on a cluttered desktop where every inch is optimized:

enter image description here

Bottom line: I'm looking for a low, small rectangular speaker with great sound. Doesn't need to have a battery especially if the battery dying makes the speakers stop working. Needs to be able to be left plugged in for long periods of time, and have a 3.5 jack in connector. Doesn't matter if it's ancient/not electronic.

Footnote: Before anyone asks, I tried all the troubleshooting steps I could find, the battery is non-removable, sending it to get serviced would take up to 5 weeks, and it doesn't power to even 1% to try and charge/deplete repeatedly, it dies off immediately.

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