Now that our (small!) church is on fiber Internet (100Mbit symmetrical, static IPs), I'm wanting to build a server which will allow us to in-house video streaming as well as our web site and DNS. Budget is a big consideration (I'm funding this out of my own pocket!), but I'd like to avoid stupid mistakes which limit the usefulness of the finished product.

We have a switch-depth rack with a cooling unit which runs 24/7 when the A/C in the rest of the building is off, so it has to fit there. I've picked out a P-Link case which is the largest which will fit in the available space. P-Link has a number of customized 1u I/O shields (bottom of that web page), so I'd like to select a motherboard which can use one of them without further modification. Our data throughput needs are low at present, but I'd like to have headroom for expansion if I can get it at a modest increase in cost.

I've built several desktop PCs over the years but this will be my first time with a compact 1u unit, so any tips for cooling or similar are appreciated. I will be running Linux (most likely, possibly BSD) on the unit. Thanks in advance for any help.

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