I am looking for a pair of over-ear circumaural, closed back headphones. Something that “a priori” blocks sound (“passive noise cancelling”) but that also has Bluetooth connectivity (if this last is not possible, also wired is good). If they have ANC it needs to work also during call/conversation while talking (I’m now testing Beats Studio 3 Wireless & they are useless during Discord/Skype/etc. Everything is amplified while talking). When switched off it needs still to provide PNC, something that the Beats do not provide.
Very important: it needs to work flawlessly with Apple devices, all the while it doesn’t need to be AirPods Max or anything with W1/H1 chip. Audio quality needs to be good of course but that is so personal that it will be analysed after the previous conditions are met. Price tag: up to $ 349 range.

Can someone help with this? Thank you

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