I'm having 2 workstations, 3 laptops. Got bored of plugging in-out all the cables every time I switch laptops/workstations. My plan is to just buy 2 hubs for the 2 workstations, and I only have to plug one cable. I'm really hoping it's possible.

I know each port has it's own limitations. I just don't understand the exact numbers. Ideally I would like to (at the same time):

  • run an external monitor 4k@60hz
  • charge (I don't care about speed, just charge at least the amount of power that it's using)
  • have ethernet through LAN@500Mbps (if this is the deciding factor, I'm happy with wifi)
  • run an external laptop fan through USB 2.0
  • run a Magic Keyboard through USB 2.0
  • run a Magic Trackpad 2 through USB 2.0

I don't need anything else. If it's impossible, I can split into two, but I have only one USB C available, the other hub needs to be USB A (3.0).

So the question is: is this possible? I would be curious about the breakdown as well about the power, and data/time limitations of ports, usage etc.

  • Thunderbolt 3 can do it all at once
    – Irsu85
    Jun 25, 2021 at 7:49

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A Thunderbolt 3 hub should work. If you are using a MacBook with a USB C port, it supports Thunderbolt. If you are using a Windows laptop, let me know what computer model is and I'll let you know if your laptop has Thunderbolt 3 on it.

A Thunderbolt hub can have many outputs, so you will have to find the one that is tailored to your needs. From reading your question, it seems like this hub should fit your needs. It has one DisplayPort output at 4k 60hz, three USB A ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, and it can charge the computer all through one USB C cable.


We have USB type C docking stations that have 4 USB ports. 2 are USB 2.0, and 2 are USB 3.0

It provide 100% power to the laptop

Gigabit networking

They also run 2 1080p displays at the same time.

I haven't look at the specs so I don't know if it support 4k, but I imaging there are docking stations that support 4k@60hz.

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