My mother uses an old computer with Intel DG45ID motherboard. It has an internal GMA 4500 GPU which supports up to 2048*1536 resolution (I assume the mobile GPU is no more capable than the desktop variant). I have a 2560*1440 monitor (Dell U2717D). I connected it to the computer with an hdmi cable and the maximal resolution offered is 1920*1080 (actually 1920*1200, but that is different aspect ratio). I bought ASUS 210-SL-TC1GD3-L external graphics card. It lists 2560*1440 as its maximal resolution. However, when I installed it into the computer and connected the monitor, it still offers just the same 1920*1080 resolution. How come?

The software is Ubuntu 18.04 and I installed the proprietary Nvidia drivers, but that did not change anything.


If you kept the display cable hanging in the motherboard, you still have the onboard graphics, and the maximum resolution of the onboard graphics. and that gt 210 won't be used. Try plugging the display cable in the gt 210. If that is already plugged into the graphics card, try plugging it in again.

One of the graphics card connectors are VGA, which also supports resolution up to 1920*1200. If you use a blue connector with screws, try searching for a dvi monitor/cable.

  • Ah, sorry, I should have mentioned it. I use HDMI cable and I plugged it into the port that is in the external graphics card.
    – sup
    Jun 17 at 8:30
  • Hmmm... Does your monitor have DVI? the max resolution should only be achivable using dvi (source, webschop)
    – Irsu85
    Jun 17 at 8:40
  • No, the monitor is too new for it. How I read what I find on the internet, which is not much, is that the max resolution should be achiavable through digital connections, which I thought HDMI was. Would a dvi>hdmi convertor help?
    – sup
    Jun 18 at 10:25
  • if it goes to hdmi2.0, probably yes
    – Irsu85
    Jun 18 at 16:14
  • So, if I dug correctly, it is Nvidia GT 210 and it can truly only do 2560*1440 over DVI, however there seem to be no convertors from DVI into either HDMI or DP that would not be limited to FullHD. A pity then :-(.
    – sup
    Jun 19 at 18:46

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