My cousin has internet at home and he did agree to give me a proxy for browsing internet. He can use a proxy server program (like CCProxy or AnalogX) on his Windows PC but I wonder if there is any device that can connect to the router using Ethernet cable and to provide me a proxy. It should be a small device and cheap and it should use little electricity, just like a router or a switching hub.

Is there any such product available to buy from providers like D-Link or Netgear, is anyone producing such a device?

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    Depending on your Router, or if you can can get a spare/second hand... you might be able to reflash it with OpenWrt or similar, which has several Proxy server options (Privoxy being one). Check their website OpenWrt.org for compatible hardware.
    – Stax
    Jun 16, 2021 at 23:34

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Have you looked into using a Raspberry PI? They are small, cheap and generally low on power consumption so that might meet your needs. I have not tried this but it looks like someone has made a tutorial on setting one up.

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