I'm trying to optimize my hardware setup in my home office, and I'd really like to have something like this setup: Computer Setup I'm not sure how to accomplish this, if it's even possible. All of the arrows show video being sent- this is purely for video (I have the keyboard/mouse situation set up already).

What hardware would I be able to use for the 2 switches (or 1 switch to combine the 2 that I have in the diagram)?

  • Do all of your computers have Thunderbolt 3 or 4?
    – Salocor
    Jun 14, 2021 at 16:39

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If you search for "KVM Switch" on Amazon, that will get you part of the way to your end goal. The one I use only allows 2 input computers to go to 2 monitors. For some reason they do not sell these at stores like Best Buy and MicroCenter so results may not be perfect depending on you Hardware/Operating System set up.

  • He may need to feed one KVM switch into another, but this should work fairly well. Jun 21, 2021 at 6:58

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