Already posted on hp forum but did not get any answers.

When i am trying to charge my hp notebook 15g-dr0008u battery, normally as far as i read on some other threads, it should indicate orange light at power cord while charging and when it completes the charging, then it should turn into white, but in my case it sometimes turns into white and other times it shows orange light.

While I am not getting any error message like plugin not charging and it only shows plugged in, i am just wondering if this light switching is normal behavior when charging or should it only turn into white after it is completely charged? Also, i want to know if battery is charging or not when it turns into white.

I have already run all tests provided by hp pc hardware diagnostic for windows but they just all passed and no issue was found for battery or power plug.

Please guide if this is something unexpected so that necessary steps can be taken.

Looking for genuine recommendation.

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