I want to emulate old movies, think specifically of movies like Blair Witch (especially the 4:3 aspect ratio). What are some good cameras for this kind of scenario?

I don't need a 4k camera or even a 1080p one, a 480p will likely suffice. I'm also wanting it to be cheap since it's not as "high-tech" as most cameras nowadays. I don't want to edit it in post-production since it's just not my style. Anything helps :)

  • Blair Witch was shot on analog Hi8. If you shoot digital you'll have no option but to try get all that 'dirt' in post. (I love, btw, how you consider it to be an "old" movie;)) A cheap 480p camera will just feel 'laggy' & will not emulate analog well at all. Analog, for all its failings, was snappy, instant.
    – Tetsujin
    Jun 13 at 7:21

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