I'm looking for a large (with 8 inches screen) ebook reader that will be used to read PDF documents. Additionally it should support storage synchronization via Wi-Fi using some generic method, not tied to its manufacturers online service (like Send-to-PocketBook service). E.g. it could support upload via SSH or FTP, or be able to setup and use some synchronization software like Syncthing.

So requirements are:

  1. E Ink 8 inches screen.
  2. Support for PDF documents.
  3. Storage synchronization via Wi-Fi using some open source software.

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Some Kobo ereaders can display PDF docs and support WiFi, and with some software installation it might be possible to transfer files from your own server,but my experience has been that connection via USB to a PC running Calibre is the easiest and most reliable way to transfer files.

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