I'm looking at picking up a Dell R740 for use as a VDI server for 15-20 users running Sage applications, web browsers and Microsoft Office applications. It will have 56 cores and 192GB memory but I'm really stumped on graphics.

  • I was looking at nVIDIA's Tesla M10, which is offered by Dell as an option, but really put off by the ongoing licence costs to nVIDIA (the expense, the added purchasing complexity and added setup complexity) and the fact that it's old hardware (Maxwell architecture) and end-of-life, being replaced by...

  • The nVIDIA A16, with the same licencing issues (but now vPC instead of GRID?) but doesn't appear to have actually launched (Wikipedia says it launched a month ago but no UK retailers list it and it seems no price has been announced).

  • There's also AMD's Radeon Pro V340 (MxGPU), which looks perfect in terms of being geared towards VDI and with no licence costs but it seems these are only sold to major cloud providers.

Alternatively, there's consumer Radeon graphics cards or workstation options like the Radeon Pro WX9100, but I'm not sure if those provide what it needed to split the GPU across 15-20 VMs? And consumer cards are not really an option currently anyway with the pricing / availability situation.

Or for these not-so-demanding applications could we go with no dedicated graphics card at all?

Also, if anyone knows the maximum length of card that the R740 has clearance for, that would be helpful (it specifies dual-width and full height at least).

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