I'm looking for a recommendation on adding storage to the laptop if I don't want to swap the current m2 drive on my laptop.

I have a brand new HP 17-cn0021nr laptop, and I want to upgrade the storage capacity. It has an installed m2 SSD, and I could either replace that or add another. When looking over the motherboard(image 1), I noticed there is a connector labeled "HDD", near a spot that looks like its intended for a 2.5" drive. I don't recognize this connector.

The motherboard has a label of "17N-8L-TGL," but I can't find specifications online for the unused port.

Motherboard Close-Up of connectorAlternate angle of Port


Its a standard hard drive - what you're missing is a cable that breaks out the ZIF socket to a regular HDD. The Service manual is a great starting point.

You're looking for a Hard drive cable L22526-001 - and you should be able to find it easily by searching for the part number L22526-001

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