I am running a small business from home and I am having latency issues currently. I identified my router as the likely culprit. I am looking for advice on appropriate hardware to solve the issue.

Current setup

  • 3 business servers over LAN that are bandwidth intensive (up to 500Gb upload and 500Gb download per 24h) and require very low latency.
  • About 8 home devices over 5Ghz wifi that do regular home stuff (netflix, videoconference).
  • 940/940 Mbps internet connection (business contract).
  • A Synology RT1900AC router that I purchased before starting my business.

I started experiencing network issue after adding the third server, mostly apparent during videoconference. I found out that the CPU of the router is often running at above max capacity, so I guess that this is the culprit. 5Ghz wifi coverage is good and I have no interference.

Could you help me decide between those options or suggest another option. I am not a networking professional so would appreciate something that is relatively easy to setup.

Option 1

Purchase a business grade router (no wifi) and use my current wifi router in bridge mode just for the wifi. Any recommendation on the router I should purchase?

Option 2

Just replace my wifi router by a new and better wifi 6 router. I really don't know what to look for based on my needs. I like the Netgear AX120 (700$ CAD on amazon Canada), but don't know if it would do the job for the servers and it is targeted for a home usage (I'm more hybrid). Any suggestion on what I should buy?

Thanks a lot!


So I reccomend that you get a laptop, preferably windows surface. A monitor. A good wifi connection, and a laptop stand. I also reccomend some other things. Like usb extensions, a mouse and keyboard mouse pad for comfort, I reccomend a mechanical keyboard too, not for gaming but because they are comfortable

I hoped this helped. PLease let me know if you need more info.

  • What? Did you read the question? I am looking for a recommendation on a router.
    – Undead8
    Apr 30 at 18:42
  • Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. Routers do not do much because it all depend son how much the server lets through. The best router you can get is the: Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300, or for a less price the: Asus RT-AC66U B1 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router
    – brrrrrrrt
    May 1 at 0:36

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