I’m looking for a graphics card compatible with the Fujitsu Primergy tx100 s3p, any recommendations? I will mostly use it for development using Android Studio on Ubuntu.


Pretty much any card will work, as long as your power supply can handle it. Are you using the stock power supply, or have you put a new one in? If you have a new PSU, I like the GTX 650 Ti as a cheaper GPU. Works pretty well for ~$50 USD used. What's your budget?

  • I'm using the stock power supply. My budget is $200.
    – tobias
    Apr 25 '21 at 6:31
  • Alright. I forgot your computer was a server. Because of this, you'll need an irregular power supply that would be hard to find. So you'll have to either use adapters (which is generally not a good idea) or get a GT series GPU. I found a GT 1030 on Amazon for a little less than your budget, but because there is no power input, the performance isn't the best. It'll run Android Studio just fine, though. amazon.com/MSI-GT-1030-2G-LP/dp/B071L4VKF6
    – Salocor
    Apr 25 '21 at 14:17
  • That sounds like a good option. Thank you!
    – tobias
    Apr 25 '21 at 17:12
  • No problem! Glad to help!
    – Salocor
    Apr 25 '21 at 17:36

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