I am looking for a GPS watch (or any other kind of wearable) which can log GPS information with high accuracy and offers the option to export the data log without a smartphone or internet connection.

I want to use it to accurately log tracks/paths and don't care much about other features.

All the famous brands (like Garmin, Suunto, Coros, Polar, ...) seem to make data export difficult, usually requiring to upload the data to one of their online services and then manual exporting it from there.

The only product I found which fulfills my needs is Columbus V-1000 (https://www.cbgps.com/v1000/index.html). It simply works as a USB storage device. But it would be great to have some other options as this product seems to be difficult to order in my country.

It seems the data from Timex watches can be exported to a computer with proprietary software. I didn't find clear information on that however.


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