I have an asus laptop UX430 two years now, and I am very pleased. Now I would like to buy a new external monitor to connect it to my laptop.

I use my machine as a web development enviroment, programming, casual office tasks, light video editing etc.

I never had a 27" QHD, but I am afraid of buying one cause I don't know if my laptop supports it properly, and doesn't downgrade it to FHD or running QHD on 30 fps only.

I also have micro hdmi port so I will need to buy an adapter or hdmi cord.

I am concerned about my gpu, cpu, micro hdmi version, not able to run a monitor with QHD and 75hz. What do you say about it, could my UX430 support QHD on at least 75hz?

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Most likely. If your computer has the MX150 GPU, then definitely. On a Tomsguide forum post, people are running 4k monitors with the same GPU, so yours should handle QHD just fine. Do you have a friend with a 4k TV you could test this with? That would be the best, and cheapest, way to find out.

  • Or a QHD screen, that would also work
    – Irsu85
    Commented Dec 21, 2021 at 6:18

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