I'm not sure which place is the right one for my problem,so,please,excuse-me if I made a mistake writing here. Anyway,I want to try to ask. I'm trying to build a system to snore less and I've found this guide as starting point :


Anyway,I can't do exactly the same. First of all because some time ago I've bought the jetson nano instead of the raspberry pi and I would like to save some money using that board. Luckily it seems that I can,at least,use one of these devices with the jetson nano :



The real problem is that they used the "neosensory-buzz",that costs 800 dollars. I can't afford this price. I'm looking for a similar device,that's able to accomplish the same task of the neosensory-buzz,without upsetting the tutorial. The author of the project suggested to me to buy this component :


Unfortunately it will not work. I read the reviews. People say :

"Be advised, works with Apple products only! Otherwise a very useful little gadget" ; " I wish I had read other reviews... it is not compatible with new phones. It is outdated and unusable. I had to return" ; " App is no longer available- useless" ; " Wouldnt work with the superior samsung phone. It did work with a crapple but we dont own crapple at my place" (I have a samsung phone).

So,I need to replace the neosensory buzz with a similar but cheaper device that can be used with the other hardware components,like the jetson nano and the seeed respeaker (better if it is the usb version). I forgot to say that the Amplifier / Pulse that I'm looking for should work on my Android / Samsung note 3 phone, it should be controllable via ble. Let me know,thanks.

PS : I found this :

https://www.amazon.com/iLuv-SmartShaker-Vibration-Bluetooth-Notification/dp/B08V6QCBTS/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=vibration%2Balarm%2Bbluetooth&qid=1617541958&sr=8-2&th=1 ;

can someone tell me if it can work in this scenario,thanks.

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