I am looking for a new external monitor to connect to various laptops. My use case here is home office, not gaming.


  • 27 to 32 inch (bigger is better).
  • Adjustable height for ergonomical reasons.
  • Audio jack so I can connect headphones.
  • Full HD.


  • Built in speakers.
  • Built in USB-hub.
  • Built in webcam.
  • Resolutions above full HD.

Not important:

  • Fancy refreash rates, response times or ultra pro gaming features.

I have been browsing through the websites of major Swedish reatilers, without finding a single monitor fulfilling the requirements. The adjustable height seems to be the major problem.

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I have the Dell U2417H and love it. It has the swivel feature so you can use it in either landscape or portrait, has a USB 3.0 hub (4 3.0 outputs), has a headphone jack, can be adjusted up and down, and the image quality is fantastic. I would highly recommend it. I found a 27" QHD model here.


AOC has some models that fulfill all the requirements, and the bonuses except the webcam. They can be found here. The AOC Q27P2Q is one example.

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