I'm looking for an action/sports camera (used for recording while snowboarding/biking etc).

  • It should record at 1080p - 60fps but 1080p - 30fps works as well.
  • Must have underwater case
  • Supports at least 32Gb microSD/SD card.
  • Should have the option to also take photos

My budget would be around $150-$200.

If you have any knowledge about some, what it's good to look at, please share it.

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Depending on your needs I've added a few various cameras. All are great choices and meet the specifications the question provided, but it's up to you to decide which one you think fits your needs best.

Sony Action Cam - $115 - $198

I'd recommend Sony's Action Cam line up.

Sony Action Cam

Sony's Action Cam offers a wide variety of features, a quality build, and all at a reasonable price.

Sony offers a wide variety of their Action Cams, but I'll be recommending the AS2000V. The Sony "Action Cam"s can take 1080p @60fps and great 8.8MP photos. It supports 240fps slow-mo, and a great microphone. It supports 60m waterproof. It also has video stabilization with SteadyShot which I've heard great things about.


I highly recommend you take a look at the wide variety of Action Cams, these don't get too expensive and offer many features. An example is the Sony AS15 which is only $128 on Amazon and offers a similar set of features. Also, be on the lookout for discounts as these frequently go on sale.

This camera has a lot to offer with it's wide variety of features making it a great choice if you'll be doing some shaky video, low-light filming, or for general use.

GoPro, $129 - $199

The popular GoPro is a popular choice for a sports and action camera. While price ranges, GoPros have a wide range of accessories and mounts to choose from.

The GoPro I'd recommend is the GoPro Hero ~$129. If you want, a WiFi equipped model which also offers slightly better specs, it's starts at $199

GoPro Hero picture

The GoPro Hero can take 1080p @30fps (60 WiFi model) video, photos can be taken at 5MP (8MP WiFi model), and supports up to a 32GB MicroSD. It's also waterproof up to 40 meters.


I've already talked about the HERO with WiFi but the HERO4 Session also the same specs as the HERO with WiFi at the same price. The HERO4 though has a much simpler design, which can work great for hobby use but may lack functionality for power-users.

I'd recommend the GoPro if you'll take advantage of it's wide-array of mounts and accessories

ISAW, $100 - $189

The ISAW EDGE ~$189 seems to be a perfect fit.


The ISAW EDGE can take 1080p @60fps, and even 4K. It can take up to a 64GB Micro SD card and can take 16MP stills. It features underwater capabilities up to 40m.


The ISAW Air runs at 1080p @30fps, takes 12MP photos but requires a case for waterproof (~$25)

The ISAW WING runs at 1080p @30fps, takes 12MP photos and features a 40m waterproof housing.

The ISAW offers well balanced specs at a reasonable price, it has a relatively easy-to-use graphical interface.

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    Hey, thanks for the detailed answer. I also looked a bit, compared some stuff with your recommendations and got to this Polaroid Cube+ after they fix the microphone issues. It's pretty new on the market and fairly priced and comparable to the ISAW EDGE. It does NOT include the accessories as it has a built-in strong magnet. I'll give it some thought if I want to wait or not.
    – Adrian Pop
    Dec 10, 2015 at 15:06

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