These are my requirements:

  • The machine is going to be my main computer, but gaming is the most strenuous activity I'm going to be doing with it.
  • Within gaming, the most strenuous programs I'm going to be running are Grand Theft Auto 5 and emulators such as the Playstation 2 emulator PCSX2. I want it to be able to run GTA-5 comfortably.
  • The machine can be either a desktop or a laptop, whichever is more economical.
  • I intend to configure the machine to dual boot Windows (for the games that require it) and Linux (for everything else).
  • My financial resources are limited. I want to spend as little in excess of £500 as possible.

If the reference to pounds sterling above didn't make it obvious, I live in the UK. I may not be able to purchase products from North America, for example, or such products might be much more expensive for me than they would be for someone in, say, Florida.

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