I programmed a simple animation that I want to display on a screen at an art show which lasts 10 weeks. I created it in JavaScript and hosted it on a website so it can be run in full screen in a browser. The code gets cached so I don’t need an internet connection. The animation is in black-and-white. The animation repeats every few minutes but is different each time so it can’t be turned into a video. And I want it to stay on continuously so that the art show director doesn’t have to turn it on and off every day.

I was hoping I could buy a cheap tablet and keep it plugged in, so I bought the DragonTouch Notepad K10 10 inch which runs Android (https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Touch-Storage-Quad-Core-Processor/dp/B07WLNZB78).

This worked well for a couple days (running like 50-60 hours) and then the tablet crashed. The tablet feels fairly warm while plugged in after a while so I suspect that it overheated. But it’s also cheap and refurbished so it may be a lemon.

Any suggestions for an alternative? I would like screen size to be at least 9.7 inches, but not too big that it’s difficult to mount to the wall. I would also like to keep cost to under $300. The CPU/RAM requirement is pretty much insignificant because the animation is so simple. The K10 tablet handled that fine. And I’m open to an option other than a tablet.


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