I have slurred speech and a lisp. Also tend to talk fast. People on the phone are having a heard time hearing me. Was looking a solution $100 or less. Do you know of any mics or headphones or attachments that can make my voice easier to understand. This will be on a note 10 phone as I use that for Zoom.

Could be Bluetooth or a solid wire if that is better. Would like to be able to make calls on go but if it has to be indoors and not mobile that is fine.

Looking for either product recommendation, features I should look for that meets my solution or devices I should look for.

If this is not the right forum please let me know which forum this should be in.


  • Depending on how bad your speech impediment may be, I am unsure of whether a higher quality mic will actually help you. Even if you use a higher quality mic, the bitrate (quality) of most standard meeting apps will be lowered to maximize transmission latency rather than quality. Dec 10 '20 at 6:20

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