Kindly suggest a laptop model with the following parameters? 1. Display 1a- 15” or bigger; 1b- Bright (350 nits or more); 1c- Causes very less eyestrain (i.e. with practice of the same amount of eyestrain reducing measures, the one that causes less eyestrain): 2. Hardware 2a- Non-intel processors, Ryzen would be nice, however mediocre setup will do; 2b- Linux compatible setup- I would be installing Linux as the sole operating system: 3. Body- Less flex: 4. Cheap (Less than $1000)

  • Welcome to Hardware Recommendations! Can you provide more details on what you're planning to do with your laptop, what your budget is, and any features you care about (e.g. screen size, battery life?) – JMY1000 Nov 3 '20 at 5:53
  • I was basically planning to watch movies on the laptop and getting acquainted with Linux. Macbooks have nice and bright displays, but they provide standard screen sizes, 13" old model air is affordable, but the screen size is well 13". And 16" models are too costly for me. I researched but could not find a model with nice and big (15" or more) and adequately bright (350 or more nits) display with mediocre hardware with a cheaper price tag. Preference for AMD processors. Any recommendation would be helpful. Sorry for the late clarification. Using friend's laptop. And thanks – banuyayi Nov 5 '20 at 13:54
  • Provisionally thinking of Asus Tuf or Acer Nitro. They have good hardware but less bright displays. So I am still hesitating. – banuyayi Nov 5 '20 at 14:04
  • Basically I want to watch movies on my laptop and get acquainted with Linux (I am Linux newbie) Old Mac Air model has nice display. But it is only 13”. The 16” MacBooks are much much costlier and way above my budget. Any advice is welcome. And thanks in advance. – banuyayi Nov 5 '20 at 14:48
  • Gotcha. Anything in particular you're planning to do besides movies and basic command-line stuff? What's your budget? Do you care about portability and battery life or just performance? – JMY1000 Nov 5 '20 at 17:19

It is broad question from two views:

  1. What notebook/laptop hardware support Linux? Nowadays Linux is supported on almost all possible notebook configurations, but there are some caveats with external devices like printers or scanners, which may not work at all.
    Answer is: buy any affordable, but always check for peripherials compatibility.

  2. Which hardware will work for 7-8 years? It is unknown, but business lines of notebooks usually are more robust than home lines which are i.e.:
    a) minimum HP Probook or better HP Elitebook serie
    b) Dell Latitude
    c) Lenovo Thinkpad or even better Thinkpad T serie
    Answer is: Most desired should be Thinkpad T serie notebook, then HP Elitebook or Dell Latitude and then other business. You may not fit in desired budget, because it could be above that. Buy best and highest model which you can afford. Also you can search for older higher models (like Thinkpad T) in your local shops.
    Of course most of these notebooks have not top notch parameters, but they will last longer than home series.

Asus, Acer, Samsung and many others usually do not offer business series with robustness in mind, you're paying price for better parameters, but less longevity. Of course there could be some models which are properly designed resulting in better robustness, but I can't find series with that in mind.

P.S. Pay in mind, that proper care of hardware can make miracles when talking about longevity.

  • Clean notebook using vacuum cleaner with brush once a month.
  • Do not eat and drink over keyboard. Reading jokes when eating or drinking is a recipe for disaster.
  • Discharge accumulator to 20-40% and then charge or even better use custom vendor software which do not charge it more than 80% when using powered all the time.
  • Thank you Sylwester. I have decided to go for cheap Asus Tuf or Acer Nitro with Ryzen processors. All of these models have pathetic brightness (in daylight conditions) of the screen and the models with acceptable brightness are much much costlier. In comparison, the cheapest macbook has pretty nice display with more than adequate brightness. I researched but could not find a model with nice and adequately bright (350 or more nits) display with mediocre hardware with a cheaper price tag. So settling for Tuf or Nitro. And thank you for machinekeeping advice. I will do that. – banuyayi Nov 5 '20 at 13:42

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